Maliquea Starnes is a COO, Consultant, and Certified Coach, that helps successful entrepreneurs experiencing rapid growth, scale sustainably with intention. 

From a young age, Maliquea had an aptitude for seeing the smaller pieces of the puzzle and coming up with the larger solution. She began her career with a burning passion for organizing the details, and quickly began her entrepreneurial journey as a Certified Wedding and Event Planner. Maliquea wanted to help others bring their vision to life, and the only way to do that was with intentionality and precision. 

Her deep passion for systems led her to become an expert in streamlining processes, writing standard operating procedures, and coordinating open communication with all parties to create a seamless day. 

What inspired you to start your business?

Delegate – like your life depends on it! Because it does. You can start small with things like getting your hair done by a professional instead of doing it yourself, or having your house cleaned annually. These small shifts in perspective on allowing support ultimately lead to more trust when it comes to delegating tasks that are outside of your zone of genius which inevitably leads to scaling your business sustainably, with intention. 

On the outside, you could have said I had it all for most of my career -- 
Running a successful wedding and event planning company for over five years, pulling together 100+ events and even owning my own historic wedding venue location… 
But it didn’t happen by accident.

Leading a streamlined team and a six-figure business was a direct result of *intentionally* slowing down to build out sustainable systems and carve out space to enjoy our success.

Because in the world we live in today, I’ve always found that the pressure to hop on the bullet train to $10K months and crazy money goals without thinking about WHY we want those things — and what we’re sacrificing along the way — is often what leads to success on the outside, and feeling lost on the inside.

It became my personal mission to share this approach to sustainable success with other business owners…  

So that they could realize that they ARE allowed to check in with themselves and let go of what’s no longer serving them.

Who do you serve and how do you help your clients? 

Today, I work with CEO’s 1:1 by channeling my natural knack for strategy into business operations consulting, certified coaching, and turning my big virgo energy into proven frameworks, resources and digital products!

Through my 1:1 work I am able to not only coach CEO’s through the major mindset hurdles they may experience when they begin to scale their business, but I’m able to then put on my consulting hat to help them develop a strategic and actionable plan that they can implement right away to achieve real results.

What are the top 3 mistakes you see being made in your industry? 

What is your top trick for female founders & CEOs who are looking to scale their business?



  1. Using Band Aid Solutions – SO often I see CEO’s spending tons of money and energy on quick fixes in their business. Hiring a VA here, a consultant there, a coach here, a strategist there. This hiring and firing cycle leads to burn out fast and absorbs essential resources you need to run your business in a sustainable way.

  2. Fear of Slowing Down – Everyone is in a rush these days! I think hustle culture and vanity metrics are a BIG culprit of this. Social Media only adds to this problem by showing us how far along everyone else is, highlighting where we think we should be by now. CEO’s shouldn’t be afraid to take a step back and pause to take care of themselves, hear themselves think clearly, and do what’s best for them. There will always be an abundance of opportunities out there and taking a day, a week, or even a month off will NOT stop that flow of abundance. Don’t allow scarcity to keep you from slowing down and taking inventory of what’s no longer serving you so you can move forward more intentionally. 

  3. Being the ONLY thought leader – A lot of my clients bring me in as their Fractional COO because they’re currently the only person in their business thinking long term strategy. When you’re the sole decision maker for the big scary decisions that could make or break the trajectory of your growing business you can get caught in a state of analysis paralysis or worse, making decisions from a place of burn out and fear. Having a thought partner like me in their business allows my clients to streamline their decision making process and finally have someone else at the table who can cast vision with them and take their big picture vision and turn it into an actionable step by step plan that considers how their business operations will be impacted! I can foresee bottlenecks and issues ahead, that they may be too in the weeds to see or think through alone!