From Customer Churn To Brand Loyalty

Unlock the strategies to an exceptional brand experience that not only wins hearts but keeps Them

With the Brand Experience Audit you'll be able to take specific, actions to refine your touchpoints and create a journey so rewarding your clients can't help but spread the word

unlock brand brilliance

  • disjointed customer interactions
  • and a failure to build meaningful relationships. 

Despite your best efforts, including overhauling your offers or completely shifting your service model, you somehow continued to struggle with high churn rates and low completion rates for your programs or courses. 

If you offer DFY services, this could have led to low customer retention rates or you’re simply attracting the “wrong type of people”...even after 3+ years.

But a lack of a structured approach to understanding and mapping the customer journey has led to:

You have probably tried to increase customer engagement and loyalty through various generic marketing strategies or by relying on social media interactions.

So how exactly did my clients achieve an unshakable customer base, boost their market position and stand out in a crowded online space? 

It all started with a comprehensive Brand Experience Audit.

By taking a deep dive into every aspect of their brand—from their website's user experience to the consistency of their social media presencewe were able to identify key areas for improvement. 

The transformation went beyond just aesthetics; it was about aligning their values with their visibility efforts, making their brand not just seen, but sought after. 

By implementing tailored strategies to not only meet but exceed client expectations, they were able to foster a sense of brand loyalty that translated into repeat business, referrals, and, ultimately, a thriving community around their brand.

The truth is, there are a dozen ways to enhance and refine your brand experience.

You’ve probably:

Or even scheduled another brand photoshoot to help you drive more traffic

Tried implementing loyalty programs to increase repeat business

Delved into different website design trends, hoping to improve user experience

Explored various content marketing strategies to boost engagement

They fail to address the root issues affecting customer engagement and brand perception, offering only temporary boosts rather than sustainable growth

But when my clients were able to increase their brand engagement, drive more loyalty and enhanced their client experience which led to increased profits, they quickly realized that I don't recommend chasing the bajillion number of surface-level tactics they once did. 

In fact, those quick fixes and fluffy shortcuts don’t work, because:

They often lack alignment with the brand’s core values and long-term vision, leading to inconsistent messaging and customer confusion.

It lies in adopting a customized, insights-driven approach that aligns with your brand’s identity and the needs of your audience.

A user-centric approach.

So, what’s the key to achieving a seamless and Unforgettable brand experience?

through strategically crafted brand touchpoints.

nurturing deep, emotional connections with your audience

My clients are able to generate ongoing results through this simple yet often overlooked core principle:

By prioritizing genuine connections with your audience and understanding their needs and preferences, we can transform your brand experience from the inside out, ensuring that every touchpoint resonates and builds lasting loyalty.

..and I can do the same for you too...

Increase your brand loyalty, trust and engagement

See your customers turn into brand advocates

Eliminate high churn and low repeat business

So are you ready to…

Brand Experience Audit

Unlock the strategies to an exceptional brand experience that not only wins hearts but keeps Them

With the Brand Experience Audit you'll be able to take specific, strategic actions to refine your touchpoints and create a journey so rewarding your clients can't help but spread the word

Here’s what you’ll get if you snag the brand experience audit

If you’re planning a launch or looking to refine your current offerings, this guide will help you through selecting and optimizing the best platforms for your goals. I’ll assess your existing setup and provide tailored advice on how to leverage different platforms for maximum impact, including integration tips to ensure a smooth user experience. This guide will arm you with the knowledge to make informed decisions about where and how to present your services to the world.

Platform Optimization GUIDE

 Comprehensive Brand Experience Audit Report [Custom loom recording]

I’ll guide you through the intricacies of your current brand experience (for either one of your current programs, services or general brand funnel), identifying areas for improvement and potential growth. I’ll cover everything from your website's user experience to the consistency of your social media presence .

This detailed action plan will show you exactly how to implement the recommendations from your audit report. We'll outline strategies for improving client engagement, optimizing your sales funnel, and elevating your overall brand presence. You’ll receive step-by-step guidance, along with templates and checklists, to ensure you can execute these strategies efficiently and effectively.

Customized Action Plan

all delivered straight to your inbox in 2 weeks for a single payment of $850



Bottom line:

From the get-go, you’ll gain immediate relief (& perhaps a long lost spark) by understanding where your brand stands today, compared to where it could be.

And once you apply the specific recommendations using the provided action plan and video recording,  you’re only a few short weeks away from achieving a stronger, more cohesive brand experience that resonates deeply with your audience.


Concerned about optimizing your brand experience without clear direction?

I’ve got your back.

To ensure you feel fully supported as you implement these changes, you'll receive an additional 5 business days of Slack support to address any questions that arise

This added layer of support is there to guide you through the application of your new strategies, making the process as straightforward and effective as possible.

Here’s what you can expect from the Brand Experience Audit,

Regardless of whether you choose a program, membership, or 1:1 service for the audit. This tailored analysis provides actionable insights and strategies to enhance your customer's journey

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Detailed analysis of the content quality, delivery mechanisms, and accessibility, ensuring it meets the diverse needs of your audience.

Audit of all communication channels related to the offering, ensuring messages are clear, supportive, and effectively guide clients through their journey.

Recommendations for boosting engagement, completion rates (for programs), active participation (for memberships), and client satisfaction (for 1:1 services).

Review of the coherence and consistency of your brand across all materials and interactions, reinforcing your brand identity.

Strategies to captivate and maintain the interest of your target audience from the very first encounter.

Tailored recommendations for smoothing and enhancing the client journey, from initial interest to loyal advocacy.

Innovative strategies designed to improve client retention and foster growth, specific to the nature of your offering.

Direct, implementable actions based on the audit findings, tailored to elevate your chosen offering’s brand experience.

You have Invested in Broad-Spectrum Strategies That Don’t Resonate


the brand experience audit is for you if:

You'll receive a comprehensive evaluation of your brand's current state, revealing overlooked opportunities and areas for improvement. This is paired with a custom strategy to elevate your brand, ensuring that the audit not only diagnoses issues but provides the roadmap to resolve them.

you're experiencing stagnant brand growth

you're experiencing inconsistent messaging across platforms

you're not seeing the engagement levels you aim for

you're experiencing high customer churn rates

you're experiencing low customer retention rates

Good news! 

"What if I'm not sure I need the Brand Experience Audit? How do I know?"

you're launching a new service/program and you want to make sure your clients are engaged from the get-go

resolve your brand's stagnancy

Your time and resources have been invested in strategies that failed to hit the mark with your core audience, leading to repeated pivoting without achieving your desired engagement or loyalty and overall business goals.

If you landed on this page and are still reading, it’s probably because you're looking to take your brand experience from

"We were on a break" levels of misunderstanding

to "could it BE any more memorable?"

And I want you to know…I created the Brand Experience Audit for you.

It’s for the leader who’s so ready for a breakthrough in customer engagement and loyalty.

It’s for the entrepreneur who’s tired of feeling invisible in a crowded market.

 It’s for the visionary who’s spent years trying to understand what makes a brand truly resonate

I’ve spent the last 4 years analyzing the best and worst of online brand experiences, and I’ve been able to craft a personalized, one-on-one Brand Experience Audit.

This service is designed to provide you with a comprehensive, step-by-step walkthrough of your brand's current positioning, pinpointing areas for refinement and growth.

Unlike a generic program or course, this audit offers you the advantage of direct, individualized guidance.

I can’t wait to see an email from you, celebrating your brand’s newfound success! — very soon. Here’s to your brand's transformation and success, 



Frequently Asked Questions

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1. After you book your Brand Experience Audit spot, you will be re-directed to a page that includes all next steps + you will receive a confirmation email. I will be personally in touch via email in the next 24h!

So once you purchase your spot, you will hear from me in the next 24h.

2. From there you will be assigned a couple of "homework" pieces so that I can get to know your business, brand and your goals.

3. I will dive deep into analyzing all of your requested brand touchpoints

4. In 2 weeks you will receive your personalized Brand Experience Audit and Action Items via Email + Notification in Slack.

5. From there you will have 5 business days of additional Slack support to ask any outstanding questions about your audit.

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out via email -

The current investment is a one-time payment of $550.
This price is ONLY available to the first 5 people that book the audit as of March 13th 2024.

No, one of the core principles of the Brand Experience Audit is to provide actionable recommendations that can be implemented regardless of your current tools or level of expertise. Where specific tools or a certain level of expertise is beneficial, alternatives or suggestions for acquiring these resources will be provided.

The time to implement recommendations from the Brand Experience Audit can vary depending on the specific actions suggested and your pace of implementation. Generally, clients begin to see some improvements within a few weeks of applying the initial recommendations, with more significant transformations unfolding as they continue to refine their brand experience.