Creative Business Mastery Bundle

Streamline, Amplify, and Thrive

The Creative Business Mastery Bundle provides you with the tools and guidance to create customized systems that work for you, freeing up more time for your creative pursuits.

The Creative Business Mastery Bundle empowers you to juggle multiple clients efficiently, saving you time by providing pre-designed workflows and SOPs. 

Are you seeking to restructure your packages, offers, and workflows to align with your business needs? Look no further.

This resource has been optimized for creatives like you, providing a user-friendly framework to streamline your operations and fuel your business growth.

what's included

  • Project and Income Tracker (VALUED AT $49)
  • Yearly Planning template in Notion (VALUED AT $49)
  • My new and improved Client Portal in Notion (VALUED AT $49)
  • Case Study Structure + Easy Funnel Ideas (VALUED AT $25)

Website Strategy Training (Valued at $199)

  • 1h Website Strategy Training
  • Website Copy Prompts For Your Clients
  • Website Project Checklist (from inquiry to off-boarding your client)
  • Website Design Intake Form (strategic questionnaire)
  • Tracking leads, clients, inquiries
  • This tool will help you oversee the customer journey and help you identify gaps

Lead Tracker /Community Engagement (VALUED AT $49)

  • Weekly content planning based on psychological customer journey
  • Content Ideas and how to source them

Content Bank:Plan your content (VALUED AT $49)

  • Identify YOUR brand strategy and keep this page bookmarked for any future marketing plans, content creation, services outline and beyond
  • You can also use this as for client strategy sessions

Brand Strategy Sheet (VALUED AT $88)

  • Track the performance of your services
  • How to price your packages for optimum results (avoid burnout and undercharging or overcharging)
  • Have a clear understanding of who your services are for

Offer Suite Structure & Outline (VALUED AT $149)

  • High Converting Services and Pricing Guide Outline
  • What to include in your services and pricing guide to help your potential client understand the depth of your expertise and ultimately book a call

Email Sequence Structure: Booking clients through an easy funnel setup (VALUED AT $97)

Different ways to market your creative studio/agency (VALUED AT $25)

Illustrator templates (VALUED AT $97)

White Glove Onboarding Process SOPs/Workflow (VALUED AT $49)

  • Services Guide
  • Brand Board

Offboarding Clients through Notion (VALUED AT $25)

  • How to get feedback every.single.time and have your clients re-sign!

Brand Direction Storytelling outline (VALUED AT $97)

  • How to effectively “sell” your design to your clients through storytelling

High Converting Services and Pricing Guide Outline (VALUED AT $149)



services guide template