Experience the Full-Circle Brand Approach.

deeply rooted Method

Our signature Deeply Rooted Studio method helps us effortlessly develop extraordinary + sustainable brands for online industry leaders and female founders just like you. 

The Method Explained… 


Brand Direction

Client Experience

By considering all of the different aspects and layers of your business, we are able to establish a unique set of assets that will help you effortlessly launch, promote, attract and retain premium clients on repeat. 

Your brand is made up of various touchpoints that represent your unique business and curate an overall experience for your audience to connect with.

At Deeply Rooted Studio, we help our clients stand out by using these foundations to develop what we like to call a bulletproof brand presence. 

Brand Direction

client experience


Brand Direction

Outer energetics

These form the “THEY” part of your brand and are developed by looking at your network and considering the future collaborations or partnerships you would like to attract. Most importantly, we also spend quite a bit of time analyzing your target audience and IDEAL CLIENT. This process is unique because we’re not talking about your ideal client and where they live, we’re looking at their journey and the way they interact with your business. This is how to pave your path to innovation.

Our Deeply Rooted Brand Direction consists of 2 steps - Inner and Outer energetics of your brand.

Inner Energetics 

These form the “YOU” part of your brand and are developed by diving deep into your business’ goals, mission, vision, method and your personal preferences + VALUES. These are crucial when crafting your unique brand positioning.

Brand Direction

client experience



This is most likely a step you didn’t think of when building your brand, however it’s one of the most important steps for success. This is where you build your brand's reputation.

Your client experience starts way before someone takes out their card, signs an agreement and pays. The journey of your ideal client starts before they even look at your website or social media. Believe us when we say, word of mouth still exists. 

Focusing on creating a strong client experience helps us further connect your future client with your business through an optimized set of brand touchpoints and strategic User Experience (UX). These are then strategically applied to all of your brand assets (whether that’s your logo, website, sales pages, promotional assets or any other materials we create together). 

This is one of the most crucial steps when developing any extraordinary brand as it sets the tone and foundation for any future decisions your audience will make based on the value your experience presents.

Brand Direction

client experience



If you think you’ll get stuck with a bunch of brand assets you don’t know how to use, you’re wrong.

Most business owners can’t tell Branding and Marketing apart. Although they are two very different areas of business, they also work best when combined together. Branding is where it all starts but without a proper marketing plan or developing personalized brand assets, you will constantly find yourself stuck when trying to promote and market your business effectively. 

At Deeply Rooted Studio we combine marketing, launch and tech support within everything we do. This means all of your assets are well optimized, thought out and executed before we press publish. This could look like re-organizing your optin pages, getting rid of free resources that don’t have a place in your brand plan anymore or helping you put a solid plan in place for your upcoming business goals. Whatever you need, we’re here for you every single step of the way! 

This is just one of the many benefits and possibilities to working with a branding & consultancy firm that combines creative DFY (done for you) services with 1:1 brand direction, consultancy and advisory.

BUILD A brand THAT will become a symbol of quality and excellence that your customers will come to trust and rely on?