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Diana has been featured across various media platforms and podcasts sharing her journey in entrepreneurship, her unique approach to brand direction, and what it’s like traveling the world as a digital nomad. 

Diana has also been hired by various communities and global brands like Adobe to host guest expert trainings on topics such as designing & directing a brand from scratch, how to boost website conversions and so much more. 

Here are some of our most recent features

Here are some of our most recent features

If you are interested in hiring Diana to share here unique approach to brand direction or inspire your audience, here are a few topics Diana is most passionate about: 

003/How to create an exceptional brand experience


002/Eliminating competitors through strong brand direction

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Diana Jakubcova is the Founder and CEO of Deeply Rooted Studio, a branding and consultancy firm that serves female founders worldwide. Diana graduated from Fashion Design & Business in Denmark which is what inspired her to start her journey as a brand strategist & designer. With her branding and marketing background, Diana is a trusted expert and works with some of the most influential female founders and growing brands within the space.

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