jenn jouhseik

After spending 6+ years as a SHRM-CP HR Professional and 5+ years of emulating brand voice in an impactful way for brands like Uniqlo, Dunkin’, Burts Bees, and Oral B, I took my breadth of experience and launched my copywriting studio, JOUHCO™. Since then, I’ve trained under several industry leaders: Rob & Kira’s The Copywriter Club Think Tank, Joanna Wiebe’s Copy School—earning certifications in Emails, Funnels, Landing Pages, Website Copy, and Sales Pages, Justin Blackman’s Codex Academy—earning a certification in Brand Voice, and Troy Ericson’s ELM Certification Program—earning a certification in Email List Management. 

With my high-conversion storytelling approach, I holistically identify your secret sauce, nail your messaging, and craft compelling copy that deeply resonates with your dream clients and inspires them to take action. I thrive working with multi-passionate and ambitious CEOs in industries like coaching, consulting, photography, therapy, marketing agencies, personal brands, etc. Pairing my proficiency in brand messaging + voice, website copy, and email list management, I know how to pack a punch that positions your brand irresistibly. When I’m not serving storytelling hotttt, you’ll catch me snuggling with The Fluff Club, reading thrillers, or dancing like no one’s watching.

What inspired you to start your business?

Honestly, there’s no “trick” or “magic pill”, but what helps is definitely
  1. Having the confidence and perseverance to push forward. Shit gets hard and you need to celebrate every win and baby step forward.
  2. Don’t skip foundations. You need to get your brand strategy, identity, messaging, and voice nailed down before you do anything else. 
  3. Your network is your networth. Put yourself out there because you can be the best at what you do, but if no one knows who you are… it doesn’t matter.


Storytelling was always something that was near and dear to my heart. Growing up, my family always told me I had a way with words and that I can captivate someone with my wild imagination. I had dreams of become a writer, but that fell short because it wasn’t an “ideal career”. After growing my career in HR Management, there was a pivotal moment where I decided to put my mental and physical health first and take a leap of faith. I quit my corporate job and never looked back.

Who do you serve and how do you help your clients? 

Multi-passionate and ambitious female CEO’s, semi-bold personal brands, and business owners. As a personality-driven copywriter and brand storyteller, I help my clients create irresistibly memorable brands by nailing down their brand messaging + voice, creating website copy that converts, and kicking up their email marketing efforts with email list management. 

What are the top 3 mistakes you see being made in your industry? 


What is your top trick for female founders & CEOs who are looking to scale their business?



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I’d probably say that
  1. Copy is usually an afterthought. Not everyone understands or realizes the importance of copy. In most scenarios, people reach out to designers first and then scramble to get their copy done. Copy comes before design, and works simultaneously with it.

  1. Most CEO’s skip brand messaging + voice and dive straight into copy deliverables like website and launch copy. Like brand identity, brand messaging + voice are the foundational pieces of your brand that must be ironed out first so that you are cohesive and consistent across all platforms.

  1. Email marketing is usually always placed on the back burner. There is so much untapped potential in growing an email list, especially since we all know that social media is rented space. 

Jenn and Diana both share deep passion for PERSONALITY INFUSED brands. If you are someone who just lacks that "oomph" in their business, we are your powerhouse duo! From developing your website copy, to setting strong foundations through brand messaging AND killer brand direction.